A Fabric Primer for Everyone

Fabric is the single most important element in draperies and upholstery.  The following fabric facts should help you make educated choices.

Let’s start with a good foundation of lining.  It can protect your fabric from the elements, block light, if need, and help extend a fabric’s life to protect your investment in window treatments.  Sheers are the only exception to this.  I never use ivory lining as it can have an effect on the color of a face fabric.

So far so good – but now you say “there is so much to choose from!”  Personal preference and tastes play a large part here but there are some basic rules.  Fabrics that are all or part cotton fibers will be soft to the hand, comfortable to sit on and drape well at a window.  Being a natural fabric though it is prone to fading and wearing out quicker.  If comfort and softness is your thing, cotton is for you.

Polyester fabrics are naturally flame retardant, retain color and not soft since they are a man-made fiber.  Man-made fibers are much more durable but not as soft as cottons.  These polyester fabric groups will not hang in such nice folds.  It’s mind is it’s own!  It will not drape beautifully if that is what you are looking for in a material.

And if you are looking for the latest styles and colors in fabrics, be sure to check out the great fakes.  You will love faux silk with its beautiful luster, colors and patterns.  Faux suede and micro-suede are very realistic in look and feel.


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