What Do You Collect?

The gourmet cook who whips up a savory meal probably has a collection of cookbooks on his shelves that hold his favorite recipes. I collect dolls and I have them displayed in a curio cabinet. I was beginning to sense that there were so many in there that it was starting to get overpopulated!  That meant I needed to start putting some of the guidelines I have for collections in use for myself. No matter what your collection is, there are some decorating basic “rules” to help you get the most enjoyment out of your displays.

Most of us like to put everything in our collection on display at one time. Up to a point, that is okay. Go beyond that magic number for a display and the pieces lose their individuality. You end up with a cluttered display of your favorite things. What a mess!

Let’s turn the mess into an inviting, cohesive display of your favorite things. Repeat after me: “Less is more.” Say it over and over again until it sinks in to your head. I want you to get the idea that if you feature a select group from your collection, it will look better than if you try and show it all. It never fails to amaze me at how well this works! The details and features of the remaining items will really shine.

What gets put away from a collection can be rotated out during the year for their turn in the spotlight. Your rooms will always look fresh because you are changing the displays. That is a win-win for your home decorating and your collections.

Now that I have gotten you to thin out your collectible display, I want to make sure you show your special pieces together as a group. They need to be shown together in order to have impact and draw attention. Special pieces spread out here and there throughout your home cannot command the attention a group can. So, “group” but do not “over-group” your collections for display. It is a delicate balance to achieve but you can do it. You can usually tell when you have put too many pieces out. They will be too bunched up to appreciate.

Always create your displays with an odd number of pieces. It is more pleasant to look at that way. Put some of the collection on top of cloth covered boxes for varying height or lean an object on a display easel where appropriate. Use a mirrored tray under your items to further enhance them.

Our collections are composed of the things we love and enjoy having around our home. They put our personal stamp on our home décor and show our unique interests. So go ahead and have some fun with them. Then sit back and enjoy the compliments you will receive for your collections.


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