Since I get asked about this all the time, I have come up with a plan of action to get you going on your interior design. It will point you in the right direction and give you a gentle nudge to start you on your decorating journey. It can be kept for reference over the years and added to as needed. And, did I mention, it is as easy as pie – a no calorie pie that is. You need to go to your local office supply store and purchase a sturdy folder. Be sure that it has plenty of pockets to hold everything you will be putting in there. Now you are ready.

I study lots of decorating magazines for ideas when I am ready to start a new design project. I am sure most of you do the same thing. Here is where your folder comes in. Start keeping pictures, clippings and any ideas that appeal to you in your folder. Include anything that speaks to styles and colors you like.  This is also a good place for your favorite fabric swatches and paint chips. You will then start to see your preferences emerge from what you have in your folder. Use this information to decide what colors, furniture etc. to design with. Keep the folder for reference over the years as your taste changes.

Next, you need to make a room by room priority list before doing any decorating. First on the list would be areas that are most important to you and the ones you spend most of your time living in. Then continue down the list to the rooms of lowest priority such as your laundry room. Once you have that list, you will know what areas of your home to work on first according to your decorating budget. You can even space it out into a 2 or 5-year plan. That way the overall scope of your home design project is divided into manageable sub-projects. Use your decorating dollars in your priority area first. You will not have to spread them thinly over the whole house all at once and sacrifice getting the look you wanted.

There are two more things you will need to note on your priority list. As you go from room to room, be sure to write down your “wants” and “needs” for each area you list. Needs cover things such as privacy and function in a room and must be addressed first. Wants are the decorative items you add – the ‘icing on the cake ‘. Address your needs first and then add in your wants as your budget permits.

You now have an easy way to lay out your design plan. All you need to get started is a folder, a pair of scissors and a priority list for the home of your dreams. Best wishes!



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