I have a good universal question from one of my readers to kick-off what I like to call my interactive decorating series. Future articles will contain a question and answer that most of you can relate to in your own homes. I gain insight into what your thoughts, ideas and questions are on the topic of interiors. This column is for you and the questions are great! Informative tidbits, tips and suggestions on decorating will continue to be featured in my articles.

One of my readers writes about her love affair with her favorite color – green. She knows it is easy for her to get carried away with the greens and wants to be sure her rooms do not drown in a sea of green! Like all of us, she wants to achieve a balance and yet still be surrounded by interior colors that she really likes. I can easily identify with that.

What we are talking about here is the planning of a color scheme for your whole house featuring your favorite color. I want you to think about the 2-3 rooms in your home where you spend most of your time. For most of us it is our bedroom and family room. That is where you will put the largest amount of your favorite color- in this case, the shades of green. Consider the walls and or carpets for your color. Let it surround you and be a pleasing place to enter. As you decorate the rest of the rooms in your home, you may choose some other complementing colors as the main ones for them. But the trick is to bring a small dose of your favorite color to these other rooms for continuity. Maybe an accent chair, ottoman, throw pillows or throw rugs in the favorite could be added. The whole idea is to carry a thread of your main color throughout your home. You all can do this!  Let color flow in your home and you will love it.

Let’s talk a little more about green – not the color – but going green and helping out Planet Earth. Hunter Douglas, maker of blinds and shades, has stepped up to the plate in discovering ways to reduce their impact on the natural environment. Even the packaging for their products has been streamlined to eliminate excess cardboard and paper and what they use is very durable and folds flat for recycling. Their wood blinds are certified “green” for maintaining good indoor air quality.

When you work on a design project with me, I encourage you to take your old furniture and accessories to a consignment shop rather than just discard them at a landfill. They could be just perfect for someone else at a great price and you get a share of the sale. It is a win-win. Let me know if you need the name of the consignment shop I recommend.


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