Color Connections: Color as Therapy and Healing

Coming onto the wellness scene is the idea of using color for personal wellness and healing, also referred to as Color Therapy or Light Therapy. Color Therapy focuses on using energy within living organisms. It was popular in the past. This centuries old phenomenon is currently making its way West.

One of the main premises behind Color Therapy is that color can be used as an important tool to balance the energy of the body, and that certain colors act to strengthen or promote healing. Here are a few common Color Therapy beliefs:

Yellow is believed to increase concentration, foster good connections between nerve cells, and help in the treatment of depression. Orange is believed to increase overall energy, assist in the healing of kidney and lung disorders and help alleviate insomnia. Red is believed to stimulate circulation, awaken the senses, improve low blood pressure, and help relieve colds, digestive disorders, and headaches. Purple is believed to trigger the creative process, assist in the healing of arthritis, improve bone and scalp health, and promote kidney health. Blue is believed to relieve coughs, nausea, and itching, alleviate physical pain including headaches, and back pain. Green is believed to promote the healing of muscle tissue, assist in the healing of burns and bruises, calm the nerves, and reduce headaches. Sounds good!

Color Therapy treatments are many, and involve a wide variety of techniques including working with colored gemstones, being exposed to fabrics and other items of different saturated colors, eating color-rich foods, and focusing on individual colors through visualization. Today’s Color Therapy practice is still in the proving stages, but can be fun to try! I love the idea of Color Therapy creating a state of wellness in our bodies and our lives.

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