What’s New For You From High Point Designers Market

My semi-annual trip to High Point was a great success. I faithfully attend this event so I can see what is hot right now for your home. The prominent trends I noticed were:

1. Lots of saturated color in the turquoise, orange and fuchsia  hues  on everything from light fixtures to upholstery and flooring. Bolder color have been strong in design for quite a while now.

2. Metal finishes were mixed and were everywhere. Accent tables had detailed brass legs and metal sculptures were shown on lamp bases.

3. Filigree and iron scroll looks were popular also. They were the pattern on fabrics, the front trim on chests of drawers and the base on beautiful wall sconces that were lit with the best flameless candles I have ever seen.

I was thrilled to meet Tobi Fairley, whose design style I admire! What a gracious lady!

I also found some new vendors that I can work with to bring you the latest the design market has to offer. Except for the flat tire, I had a wonderful time. I will save the tire story for another time.

If you are tired of the same old styles for your home, let me know. I have lots more pictures and catalogs to get you just the thing to spice up your home’s look. Email me here or call me 804-746-0255.


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