Something for Everyone – Get Your New Favorite Design Ideas Here

You know me, I am always on the lookout for what is new in décor. I love these design tips I found for you.

1. Create one-of-a-kind art for your walls with placemats and old books. It is easy and ingenious! Choose a unique and pretty placemat and have it framed. You can even buy matching napkins or table clothes to create a nice look. Old books are full of wonderful pages and illustrations that also look lovely framed on the wall. The photo illustrates an aged book page with a bird drawing. Imagine that framed!

2. Give your doors some style with interior design. Why not paint them a cheery color to accent your room’s décor? It will create that unexpected touch. Check out this beautiful grey painted door from 

You could also do that to the interior of your exterior door, get a slender wreath hanger and hang a pretty one that you can change with the seasons.

3. Metallic finishes were everywhere at the High Point Market. You can bring some of that look to your accessories with spray paint. All sorts of metal finishes are available for you to update some pieces in your home. You can use it on wood, plastic and metal surfaces. Think about changing your vases, planters and picture frames to name a few!

Which of these ideas will be inspiration for you to try for a home face lift? Have fun with them in your space!

I have plenty more where those came from and am ready to work for you and make your home a most excellent place. Call me at 804-746-0255 or e-mail me HERE.


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