TRANSITIONALEvery month, you will find me poring over more issues of home décor magazines than you can shake a stick at! I love reading them and seeing what is new. I am always tearing out pictures of rooms that have that “wow” factor in their décor. I just know that some future client will be totally into that style! Hmm, it just so happens that today’s topic is style. What is it? How do you find your style?

Spend a few minutes people watching at the mall and you will see a wide variety of styles in peoples’ clothing and overall appearance. Some of them will not appeal to you. But it works for them and they are comfortable in their own skin. So let’s talk about your “style” and making you “comfortable in your own skin” as it applies to your home. I would like you to start by evaluating your clothes closet. Do you see lots of one particular color? Are there a lot of bright colors or neutrals?  Are most your outfits very traditional or the very latest in fashions?  You should see your “style” begin to emerge by doing this. So suppose you have noted your clothes are mostly neutrals and conservative. Your style is more traditional with a neutral palette and you would be more at home with a tan colored sofa and maybe a few throw pillows in a brighter color. Armed with this knowledge about yourself, you can begin to transform your rooms to fit your own personal colors and preferences. When your surroundings reflect your taste and style, it is very welcoming and lifts your spirits. So, go ahead and look in your closet, make a few general notes and apply the findings to your rooms. It really works, cross my heart!

Another good indicator of personal style lies in how you read a home décor magazine. I know that sounds odd, but just bear with me. As you flip through a decorating magazine, you will see lots of photos of completed rooms on the pages. Here again, you will have a love/hate reaction to the different looks. Take notice of the pictures that hold your attention the longest, or in my case, the ones where I tear the pages out! These particular pages that you ooh and aah at are further indicators of your style. It could be the colors used or the type of furnishings and accessories. When this happens to you, take notes and if possible, tear out the page for later reference. Think about how the ideas shown in your favorite photos can be applied to your rooms.

There you have two excellent ways to start transforming your home to reflect your personal style. You can begin with small changes, like accessories, or go big and repaint. If your home reflects your passions and interests and is full of what you love, then it is truly a pleasure to live in it.


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