Blue is still the most popular color in America. With our busy American lifestyles, we readily welcome the grounding and calming effects of this popular color. The color blue makes us feel very safe. It is associated with peaceful and tranquil feelings. It calms us down both emotionally and physically. Blue is the color most likely to produce the lowest pulse rate and eye blink frequency. It symbolizes loyalty, justice, strength and service. No wonder we identify with it so strongly!

It remains a favorite color of men and therefore a good choice in redesigning their spaces.

Blue is a fabulous color for designing a bedroom nook where we want to retreat and replenish our spirits. It also works well for a bathroom spa-oasis.

Use various hues, tints, and shades of blue together in a space, and mix them with large elements (moldings, a comforter, or a sofa for example) in neutral colors and you will have a winning space for retreating from the business of life for both you and him.


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