893234_childrens_homesYou can do so much with two or colors from this scheme. The result does not come off looking like a patriotic float in a parade either! I will cover a few of them. If you collect blue and white porcelain or perhaps have those colors on your bedding, consider using splashes of red as an accent. It is a great combination. I have designed settings with blue and white dishes and then set a solid red water pitcher on the table with them. Looks great!

Many Oriental rugs make liberal use of reds and blues. They are beautiful and vibrant. Neutral or white furniture pieces make a beautiful definition in the room. Add solid red and solid blue throw pillows to complete the look.

Paint old tables and old wicker in a durable white paint and use red and blue cushions on the seats. That is a very fresh look.

When using these colors, create a contrast with edge by introducing different materials into the room. Wood is very nice preferably in a dark stain. Pewter with its matte reflective surface always works well against the strong colors of this scheme. The natural textures and rough edges of raffia and basketry soften the outlines of large areas of the bold colors of this scheme.  

 Get brave and give the reds, blues and whites a place in your home’s décor.



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