Baby Boomers Re-Design Downsizing

I am a bona fide member of the postwar Baby Boomer generation. So, I feel I can speak for my group as we approach being retired in our empty-nester home. We are all so full of life and have made 60 the new 40. We do not want to think about downsizing, assisted living or anything that speaks “institutional” at all. Not us! But, it is inevitable and I have decided to put my own design stamp on downsizing giving it a new face for us boomers. I have some ideas and products to introduce the new face of downsizing to the world. I can already sense the doubt as to the viability of this stylish downsizing. But, seeing is believing so here is your proof.

Many builders have hopped on board and are building lovely homes in over 55 communities across tLinda Hunt New Kent Wiggingtonhe country. I have had the privilege of working on the interior design of many of them. This picture is of a morning room in one that I did recently. It is light-filled and colorful  enough to cheer the late risers among us. Suzie the cat is curled up on the turquoise chair. The rug and valances are smart, stylish and pick up the turquoise color in the chair and make the room very lively and inviting. What a place to enjoy your morning coffee!


Bath safety needs to be addressed for ages 15 and older. Be it stubborness or vanity, no one wants their home bathrooms turned into an institutional environment. HealthCraft understands this very well and with the introduction of their Invisia Collection, has become the leader in bath safety products with style. They want to make bathroom safety beautiful and accessible for everyone regardless of their age or needs. Here are a few of their wonderful products.  I really love the look of their products. Check out their full assortment at
782TB-24-BN[1]782WS-BB-PCG[1]Towel bar with integrated Support Rail                                         Bathtub Safety Seat

These designs just barely scratch the surface of everything that is available in the field of stylish and safe downsizing design. It is the subject of the book I am writing to help make the transition to this next stage in life as memorable and celebrated as any other life transition. After my mother was widowed, I made it my goal to help her live the best life she could by using my design skills and creating a home for her that would be user friendly, safe and a joy to come home to. Her physical limitations compelled me to come up with lots of automatic solutions to her lifestyle. I am continuing that level of service to all my clients.



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