Ways to Make Your Home More Allergy Proof Right Now

I love Spring so much and am grateful to not suffer from seasonal allergies that arrive at the same time as the beautiful weather. Others in my family are not so lucky and stay indoors as much as possible. But your home can also be an allergy central. I have some ideas that can help.

1. Start by keeping your windows closed and running an air filter in your home. There are also individual ones available that plug into your light sockets.

2. Take a shower after extended exposure and wash all clothing worn outdoors with an allergy free detergent.

3. Dust mites are another common household allergen that like to live on your fabric surfaces. Regularly vacuum furniture and drapes to help control them. Dry cleaning is a great way to clean dust and related pollutants also. We can do that in your home.

4. Wash all bedding on a regular basis and use a protective pillow cover.

5. Use “hard” window treatments in bedrooms as any fabric contributes to allergies.

6. Use paints and carpets/rugs that do not give off a lot of odor. Look for low VOC products-volatile organic compounds- as they are better for you. Also if you are using faux wood floors, check their fume content out first.

Hope this helps reduce the bloodshot eyes and red noses for everyone.


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