Examples of the Use of Marsala, Pantone’s New Color of the Year

Written by Jane Blanchard

There is not a year in the last 16 in which the Pantone Color of the Year has been announced that has not produced a polemic exchange. The visceral response to a color is typically indicative of some personal reaction before reckoning its careful selection intended for creative and imaginative use. The Pantone choice of COTY for 2015 shares this same level of evaluation and versatility when it comes to design. Get ready to be impressed with the application of Pantone 18-1438: Marsala.


Singularly select








Less is more, even if the application of this robust red color is singularly applied, as in the example of this country kitchen. The white of the cabinets, ceiling, walls, flooring and marble countertops provide the stage for the main presentation of the Marsala island. The color is smartly repeated in the beadboard backing of the book shelves, a single appliance on the countertop and again in the complementary stripes of the window dressings. The rustic beams beautifully balance the warmth in this earthy tone.


The pivotal piece




Light is used to open up the box-like space of this unit with bright white walls and ceiling. With the appeal of Persian rugs at an all-time high, the use of a Marsala throw under the table provides interesting detail and texture while setting off the mid-century salmon-colored leather and moulded red plywood chairs. The warmth of the dark wooden floor is the perfect touch to make this space comfortable.


A cozy corner




The intimacy of this small room is enlarged by the attractive ceiling design and extra window glass artfully fitted as transoms. The center wall selection for the rich, full-bodied Marsala color gives warmth to this cozy space easily carried into the room with the use of throw pillows. Accent colors of tan, brown and gold enrich the comfy feeling for a room you don’t want to leave too soon.


The traditional touch




The traditional design in this kitchen is rounded out with the complementary use of travertine tiles softly repeating the richness of the brick-red Marsala color in one wall and surrounding trim. We see it again in the delicate drapery design. Warm wood furnishings and ivory cabinets balance the depth for an inviting atmosphere.


Where the inspiration is




From the color to the texture, the inspiration from this brick wall lends itself to the Asian-themed design in this warm and cozy bedroom. Deep, rich wood tones in the bed frame welcome the contrasting tones of gold, royal blue and soft brick, which keep the dominant Marsala from overpowering the room. The Persian rug repeats the depth, and the bright red and ebony bed side cabinet is the element that ties everything together.


Going all in




Taking advantage of architectural accents to alternate tones in the ceiling and trim allow for more extensive coverage of the Marsala color in this home. The balance of cool floor tiles and warm wood furniture is further tied in with the soft brownish tan leather bar-stools. This should be all anyone who doubts the value of this year’s Pantone selection should see to understand it works very well. For more home design ideas visit Modernize.


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