Dear Client- Things I Want You to Know About Me

I was reminded recently of how important client relationships are and how often they are mishandled. A new client of mine related to me how her previous decorator pressured her and rushed her decisions. It left her very uneasy with it all and more confused then ever.
This is an area that is so important to me. How would you feel spending big dollars on custom window treatments with someone who is flighty, unsure of themselves and always distracted? That is where my client was before she contacted me.
At this point, I decided I needed to tell her about my design service philosophy.
Client relationships are very important to me. I treat them as I would my own mother. It takes trust and time to make design decisions that are an investment. I do not rush that! I want you to feel comfortable with the process, my guidance and your choices.
I want to know you and your story-it is very important.
If I have done my job correctly, I have taken your thoughts,needs etc. and guided them to a beautiful design outcome. Nothing less will do for me!i hope you will consider trusting me with home-your living wonderful space.


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