Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating

Are you in a state of overwhelm and not knowing how to start your home decorating? Do you just keep putting it off? I have seen it all and am here to say you do not have to be stuck anymore. I have the way to help you get started.

The first step to get unstuck is to get organized and clean up the spaces you want to work on. It is very hard to visualize the space that you have available for your design when there is stuff filling it up to overflowing. It really helps you to come up with ideas and visualize what your newly designed spaces will look like when you it is clean. Start now to go through your stuff and take some severe steps to clear out your spaces. You will find that when you do this, you will experience feelings of calm and freedom.

Then, you need to take stock and see if you are ready to tackle the project yourself or if you need a designer/decorator’s help. I would encourage you to take on a designer even if it is just to run your ideas by and maybe get a plan. Getting guidance is invaluable!
Lots of my clients hire me for a limited number of hours to get them a color scheme, floor plan and decorating advice and then they go to town on working their custom decorating plan.

Let me help you get started with a plan that will work for your home. I will create the “aaah” moment for your rooms!
Call me today and lets talk! My phone number is 804-746-0255.

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