The Top 3 Questions You Absolutely Need to Ask When Hiring a Designer

You have been waiting so long and are finally ready finally to do some remodeling in your home. Great! You are all set to hire a designer- or are you? To get your dream room done you really need to know a lot more than you might think about the person you are about to hire!  I have the top 3 questions for you to ask the designer you are considering.

Do I get along with this designer? Do I feel we will have a good relationship for the duration of my project?

You have a personal as well as a monetary investment in your home. So it is vital that your designer of choice makes you comfortable,is friendly and easy to work with. I think it is such an important qualification that it gets to be #1 on the list!

Is this designer genuinely interested in my needs and personal style?

The only way I can properly assist my clients with their interior decorating is to find out all of their needs and likes. Be sure you work with someone who listens to you and truly wants to create the best possible experience for you.

 What is their fee structure? Will it work with my budget?

There are many methods of charging such as hourly rate, fee per room or mark up on items purchased for clients. Please do not let this area be fuzzy between you and your designer. Let her know your budget so you can get the best value for your decorating dollar.

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