5 Design Ideas

You Can Do Right Now!

Here is a short list of small decorating makeovers with a nice impact that could be just the thing to wake up your home from the winter          doldrums!

  • Buy an oversize pretty tray. Then take all the items scattered on your coffee table and arrange them on the tray for a whole new pulled together look.
  • Get an inexpensive round table and cover it with a colorful skirt. It looks good and gives you a great place to hide all your junk underneath.
  • Gather all your accessories that are the same color from every room in your home. Don’t worry about what you bought them to match with. Now group them all together on a tabletop or fireplace mantle for a great punch of color.
  • Brass nail heads can be decoratively tacked to a plain ottoman for a custom style trimming.  Experiment with different patterns for the tacks for that unique look- scalloped or Greek key. Looks nice!
  • Buy something purple. Anything! A pillow,  a throw, a bunch of flowers, a picture frame and watch your room wake up and your mood be lifted.


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