Three Great Added Values

20% off of 1 custom made item continues through 1/31/14. Don’t miss this sale!

Getting your upholstery dry cleaned by us has just gotten better. Now in addition to being cleaned and freshened up, we will apply a fabric protectant to your upholstery. This is a great way to help protect your investment. Protectant can be applied to most fabrics, but there are a few exceptions. Call to book your spot by February 15, 2014 and get the fabric protectant at no additional cost!

One of my website’s best deals has just gotten 40% better! My series of 5 e-books that are filled with great design advice, tips and lots more for your home’s décor have been reduced to $2.99 each. That is a whole lot of Linda Hunt’s design knowledge for a little price. Topics are color, small space design, organizing and buying ready-made. CLICK HERE to grab your copies now!

It is easy to set an appointment with me. Call me at 804-746-0255 or CLICK HERE to contact me right away.


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