Eco-Friendly Interior Decorating

photo courtesy of njaj

photo courtesy of njaj

 Are you up for a challenge?  Should you decide to accept, you will find it is not a “Mission Impossible”. The challenge is to be ecologically responsible citizens of Earth. Here at Creatively Yours Custom we have stepped up to the challenge and have taken steps to become environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprint. In our office our team has started reusing the back of paper for office copy, recycling old catalogs and cardboard boxes and using more electronic file backups rather than paper files. We will continue to do more in the future.

Now it is your turn. We have some good “green” ideas you can use in your home’s décor. Let’s start with lighting-specifically LED and CFL bulbs. They can last up to 20 years and use 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs. They are a win-win for your pocketbook and the environment so let’s start replacing them now.

Are you purchasing some new furniture? Lucky you! There are many ways to dispose of your old furniture other than a landfill. Try a consignment store to sell it for you or do it yourself at a yard sale. Many charities also need furniture donations. Send only unsafe and unusable furniture to the dump. Let your discards grace someone else. It is good for you, good for them and good for the environment.

Reduce toxins in the air by using low VOC paints when you are ready to put a fresh coat of color on your walls. Natural latex foam in mattresses and cushions are really good too as they do not emit fumes or ozone depleting gasses.

Put fabrics such as bamboo and organic wools and cottons on those cushions and at your windows. They are made from renewable materials that are manufactured in an environmentally friendly process. Their impact on the ecology is so much less than other fabrics.

See how easy it is to get started practicing “green” design in your home? I will leave you with a parting challenge. Think long and hard about other things you can be doing in your home or office to lessen your own carbon footprint and then put them into action! I will be your best cheerleader in this very important project.

On behalf of Mother Earth, we thank you!

Linda Hunt


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