My Christmas 2013 Inspired Design

My mantle design pictured here started crystallizing last summer when I was given a silver and glass lantern. I did not have a vision for it at that time but it was the start. My sister got me a deal on 2 more silver and glass lanterns and then I had a set of 3. They ended up anchoring the mantle design I obtained the 2 hanging votive pieces at the Christmas Open House of one of my vendors and I was off and running with my idea.
I wanted to design a mantle that would be ice and light, white and silver all at the same time. It is the light of the world coming into a frozen Earth. The garland here is flocked with white and adds coolness and a silvery green to the design. The candles are flameless and add the warmth to the rest of the cool design. Mine is just one idea of many for you fireplace. How are you going to decorate your mantle this Christmas?
Give me a call and find out how it all works and how I can help you. 804-746-0255 I have been named the “Friendly Designer


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