Set A Beautiful Holiday Table


Are you looking to set the picture perfect holiday table for your family and friends? It is easy and fun and I will show you how!
Many times we have to press chairs from around the home to seat all our guests. Get a coordinated look for them by wrapping festive ribbons or fabrics around the seat backs. Tie them together with small wreathes and personalized ornaments at each setting. Roll up your napkins and tie them with the same ribbon used on the chairs. Tuck a candy cane in the napkin. If you have some vintage linens, layer them and grace your table settings and displays. Your guests will feel truly special.
Loosely lay some walnuts, acorns and colorful glass beads across the center of the table interspersed with pillar candles of varying heights. When lit, the atmosphere will encourage camaraderie and good times for everyone. Keep centerpieces low profile so people can see each other across the table.
If your light fixture over the table can be decorated, how about hanging some silver icicles and shiny ornaments from the arms of the light? Add in some green garland to complete the look. There are endless possibilities here.
Now sit back and take in all the compliments sure to come your way!
Give me a call and find out how it all works and how I can help you. 804-746-0255 I have been named the “Friendly Designer”.


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