Oriental Rugs in Contemporary Decor Part 2

Part 2 This post was written by guest contributor Anna Nahman, Interior Designer and blogger from L’Essenziale Home Designs (linking to my blog).

All handmade rugs can be divided into pile weave and flat weave. Pile rugs generally look more luxurious and sophisticated and they require more care too. Flat weave rugs have more rustic look, they are easier to maintain and will perfectly suit areas with high traffic flow, such as kitchens and corridors. There is a great variety of flat weave rugs: soumaks, kilims, zili to name a few. Each one has its own production technique and properties. For example, soumak is a one-sided rug and it has long uncut threads on the reverse side. This feature makes it more durable than double-sided kilim.


There are three main things which I recommend to look at when you purchase a rug: density, yarn and dyes. Though you can check exact density of carpet by counting the knots, you can also identify it simply by folding the carpet – the warp shouldn’t be visible. Definitely the most quality and expensive rugs are produced using natural materials – yarn and pigments – verify these details from rug dealers.
Rugs colored with natural pigments usually have very muted and subtle color palette (image above) comparing to those dyed with artificial colorants.



You can make outstanding things in home decor with oriental rugs. First of all, they might help you to hide unattractive floor features, if it is old and requires renovation. Secondly, you may use them to divide the space, for example using two different rugs for living and dining, if these two areas are located in one room.
When placing two or more rugs in one space remember to coordinate them by color and pattern, e.g. if you have chosen geometric pattern rug, continue with this design, otherwise if you put floral persian rug, it will look out of space.

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