International Design from Russia

AnnaSince traveling in Switzerland and Italy many years ago, I have been intrigued by interior decorating in other parts of the world. Today, I had the great pleasure of interviewing a Russian interior designer on my Blog Talk Radio Show. What Anna Nahman filled us in on made for a great show! You will definitely want to listen to the archive of the show HERE
One of the most interesting things Anna told us was before the wall came down in the 90’s, the citizens of those Soviet Union countries did not have any access to the design trends embraced by the world. Then the wall came down and they were hungry for all kinds of design information and wanted to discover what was luxuriousness for their home. They went a little overboard on gold furnishings as they played catch-up!
Her blog is very interesting and can be found HERE. She has graciously offered to guest post on this blog also!
To view her boutique of “beautifully unique” décor items click
Anna will visit us in a few months for another interview on Blog Talk Radio.
Stay tuned.

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