Let’s Clear Up “Designer Misconceptions”

I know that there is this stereotypical image of designers out there that puts us in a negative light. There are a few less savory ones out there but I want to tell you how great it can be to have my design help to help you create the room of your dreams.
I always want to know what your wants and needs are before starting any work. Your design needs to reflect you and your style not something forced on you by a pushy designer. I work to take care of this for you and you should settle for nothing less!
When I ask about your budget, it is not to see how high I can run up my bill. The purpose of getting an approximation of your budget is so that I can design your living areas while making sure I stay within your budget. I cannot give you design in your budget area if I do not know that number.
Remember, if I do my job right, I will have taken your preferences into consideration and guide them to a great design for your rooms!
By the hour or as a value fixed fee, I am the one to help you out with your interior design.
CHAIRGive me a call and find out how it all works and how I can help you. 804-746-0255 I have been named the “Friendly Designer”.

2 Responses to “Let’s Clear Up “Designer Misconceptions””
  1. This is a great post!! Very we’ll said.


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