Rev Up Your Home’s Colors

Have you ever painted a room the color you saw in a magazine and then not gotten the same results? The shade looked right. What did you miss? We all want the colors we use to create a certain feeling in our rooms. But, we have to breathe life into our choices to make them work. I have two good ways to get the look we will love in our homes.
Texture is a huge boost to color. It gives depth and life to color. Pair a smooth black leather ottoman with a textured ivory sofa and see the two colors come alive. Knots and grains give life to the tans and browns of wood. Look around your home see the interaction of color and texture. Mix textures in the same room. Rough, shiny and smooth surfaces can be used together for a good contrast. Hang a mirror on textured walls. Balance your textures as you do your colors and you can work magic on your rooms.
Light is the other important design element in your rooms. I prefer to make client appointments in the daytime when there is plenty of natural light. It is the truest light to work with. Stores offer different light boxes for viewing paint chips to see how the color will be affected. Paint pots can let you see color on the sunny and shady walls in your rooms. Light can be a powerful influence on color in a room. I always recommend considering the “light” source when you make your color choices.
So, here is your design recipe –1 part color, 1 part texture and 1 part light. Mix them together well. Yield: 1 great room. Enjoy!


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