Playing With Proportion and Scale in Your Interior Designs

350532_worlds_biggest_chairThey go hand in hand and yet they are very different. You need them both to be present in a room’s décor. What are they?- proportion and scale. Proportion is how different elements used in a room relate to the sixe of each other. Scale is the actual size of one piece of furnishings.
The easiest way to explain it is by example. Let’s say your rooms have 9 foot ceilings. A tall entertainment center is big in scale-actual size- and it’s big size is in good proportion to the big (tall) walls in the room. That is a winner.
You can try these principles out with your own rooms and see how you have done in your décor. But remember too that rules are made to be broken in the design world and I have been known to put a large size (scale) piece in a small room for great visual impact! Try it some time!


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