Fresh Color Schemes For Spring

Do you want to get out of that dull wintery rut and be lifted up in mood? Let’s get started on the job of lifting your spirits with pretty colors, not a bowl of ice cream.

First up is pink. Petal pinks are great pick-me-ups. Pair them with oranges and whites for a fresh look. Pantone has a series of spring colors and the one that would go with pink is “Nectarine”.

Green is very big right now in shades ranging from celery and emerald to teal and frosty mint. Greens are the colors that help us reconnect with nature. Pair them with dusty citron yellow, coral or salmon. Pantone’s color for green this season is “Tender Shoots”.

Yellows are another spring must have. They are mustard in tone with a little brightness added in. Pair them with mellow yellow and a deep military blue. Pantone’s colors here would be “Lemon Zest” and “Monaco Blue”‘

Okay, that being said, I am feeling lighter and brighter myself just by talking about this! How about you?


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