Look Before You Leap and Interview a Designer Before Hiring

As an interior designer, I always want my clients to know about me, my credentials, insurance etc. so that they can trust me with their home design.
In my free design e-book “Guide to Decorating” I include a section on questions to ask before hiring a decorator. Here is an excerpt from that:
“4. Do I really need an interior decorator for this? The answer to this may vary by the scope of what is involved in the design project and the time you have to devote to it if you decide to do it yourself. Decorators can save you time and find lots of wonderful products for you not available in stores. Their professional advice insures you a room that is timeless and well put together. To have an interior decorator work with you is money well spent for may reasons.”
It is easy to get this e-book! Grab your copy at http://www.creativelyyourscustom.com/bookstore.

2 Responses to “Look Before You Leap and Interview a Designer Before Hiring”
  1. You are absolutely right Linda – transparency is so important to creating the trust needed between us and our clients.


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