I Am Up For This Challenge!

1377498_smart_phone_iconWhen it comes to interior design, I keep up with all the latest and the newest in decorating. I learn the specs to make the products and designs work for my clients. It is a no-brainer for me.

What I have not kept current with the newest in cellphone technology.  I was happy in my little world with my “dumb” phone. Apparently, I had let the whole world of “smart” phones pass me by. Well that stops as of today! I am now the proud owner of a smartphone. In the few hours I have had it in my posession, I have been awed by all this little piece of electronic wizardry can do! I see a big learning curve in the days. That is okay, this is a fun learning curve. I can’t wait to discover all of my new found powers with this phone.

I can see my son rolling his eyes at my fumblings . I swear the young adult generation was born with a keyboard attached to their fingers. They just know it! And if they don’t, they pick it up in a heartbeat. I have no problem asking him for help. Why should I do things the hard way?


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