Another Reason I Love Spring

french_general_bioDon’t  get me wrong now. The warmer temperatures and flowering trees and plants are beautiful this time of year. What’s not to love about that?

But for designers, this time of year is when we get to see all the newest and freshest fabrics, trims and wallpapers from the mills. I like to know what is new so I can deliver that fresh design contact to my clients.

This year, soft rouge, celery green and medium blue are all the rage. They can be found in solids, stripes and prints. Fabricut’s “French General” collection features those colors in toiles, and pre-washed solids. The pre-washed soli is a great choice for really comfortable slip covers! They are durable also.

Trims are very important for so many of the design looks this year. It is more than just a tassel fringe. YOu will see button treatments and banded ribbons that are “beautifully unique”.

So call me, ‘ coffee and look at the new offerings for Spring 2013 at 894-746-0255.

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