The Color of the World’s Mood

Pantone calls it the Color of the Year- Emerald Green, Robert Allen Group calls it Viridian and the Paris Home Decor exhibited it as Olive Green. What all these color names have in common is that they are all shades of green. Robert Allen Group recapped the history of viridian and all the moods it represents.
If you just want to feel good this color will help you. It has the power to calm you, reduce your fatigue and create tranquility within your home.
Green friendly architecture and design have become the way to have a renewable relationship with the earth and natural resources. Fresh new life, hope and growth is always associated with a fresh shade of green. The world’s mood is one of hope and so green is a very timely color.
The viridian pigment has been used since the mid 1800’s by such artists as Claude Monet and Paul Cezanne. Matisse and Warhol used this pigment for color. Some of the works of Louis comfort Tiffany included many shades of green.
It is a favorite color for home decor and fashions. It will be here with us for a very long time.


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