Another Great Source for Interior Design

sallymorseI had the great pleasure of hosting Sally Morse, the Creative Director for Hunter Douglas, on my blog talk radio show- Decorate Your Castle. She was wonderful! Her talk was entertaining, informative and my listeners and I enjoyed it immensely.
Here are a few highlights from the show.

Stripes are THE pattern this year. If you have the choice to use them at your windows, think horizontal stripe because it will make your window appear bigger than it is- good for windows, not women’s fashions!

Greens are still coming on strong, especially emerald green and olive green. And did you know that the color trends reflect the mood of the country’s citizens and how they feel about things in general?

Clutter busting is important since we are all trying to simplify our lives. We do weed out our clothes closets on occassion but, we can do so much more just in that closet. Her suggestion was to reverse the hooks on the hangers in your closet. When you wear something, hang it back with the hook in the regular, non-reversed way. Over time, you will see the items of clothing that are still in your closet with the hooks reversed and know it is probably time to donate them to a worthy cause.

Thank you Sally, the ideas and much more were so good last night. You can catch Sally’s advice on the Hunter Douglas website under the heading Ask Sally and Jen.


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