Wonderful Tips from My Downsizing Clients

Linda Tree 014
They are the very best to learn from- my downsizing design clients. They are awesome
Here are 3 of my favorites:
When you move into a smaller space, many times there is no window in the kitchen. One of my client’s daughters took pictures out of the window over the kitchen sink in the old home they were leaving in the winter and the summer. She had them put in a frame that looks like a window with panes. They now take turns hanging on the wall over the kitchen sink of the new home. Besides looking great, they add an air of familiarity for the resident to enjoy. I love that idea!
Many times memory problems become an issue for downsizers and it is hard on the family. One person put a guest book and a pen on a table by the door so guests could sign in and the family could see who came and visited their loved one even if that event was not remembered.
Since space is at a premium and safety is always in the forefront for downsizing communities, I have installed full size Christmas tree decals, complete with ornaments for my clients. It is a 100% safe winner and a 0% tripping hazard. It worked like a charm!
As you can see, I am always learning. It benefits me and gives me great nuggets of advice to help all of my clients.


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