2013 Interior Inspirations-Not Resolutions

IMG_0787 (2)I like inspirations, they do not get broken on January 2nd like resolutions do! You know I always have my ears and eyes peeled for interesting design inspirations and decorating ideas.
I came across an article by Mary Carol Garrity that really spoke to me. By now, most of us have taken down our Christmas decorations. With the house looking clean but on the stark side, Mary Carol Garrity’s article spoke to interior decorating things to try in your home this year. This is the perfect time to address some decorating issues.
Draperies are coming back. I have really noticed that lately! Whether it is a full set to cover the window or just side panels to frame it, they are looking great with new fabrics, styles, and headers. If you have blinds, shades or just top treatments, look at adding drapery panels to the window.
If you see a piece of art that you really like and are ready to get, go ahead. You are the one who has to like it the best- not your best friend. Enjoy your personal expressions.
As you put your holiday decorations away, you are sure to be inspired for a change in your decor as I was. That will be a breath of fresh air!

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