The Top 4 Lighting Design Ideas For Your Home

The following lighting design ideas come straight from the expert. Ashton Harrison, previous owner of Shades of Light in Richmond, Virginia, who was my Blog Talk Radio guest in October. She had great advice for lighting your home. These are design tips we all can use!

When designing a room, the proper amount of lighting  is 5 watts per square foot.  So once you know the footage, you can figure out the watts needed from lamps, ceiling lights, pole lamps etc. for the room. Easy- right?

With so much to choose from for light bulbs nowadays, it can be very confusing to know what is needed. Ashton said that par halogens are the best and give the strongest light for our homes. They also have a long life.

In order to have proper light for reading and sewing, Ashton recommends that the bottom of the lampshade that you will use for those tasks be even to your eye level. Great advice- that is one of my biggest bugaboos- improper lighting to read by! By the way, using lampshades that are dark lined help direct the light down to your work surface.

A nice alternative to nightlights in rarely used rooms of the house would be to have plant lights installed on timers that will come on at a time you pick so you do not come home to a dark house. Plus we think it looks very pretty!

It was great having her on the show- she is so full of ideas for your home lighting design. I hope you all have brighter living spaces!


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