The beautiful colors of fall are just starting to emerge.  A stand of trees cloaked in fall colors is beautiful and breathtaking this time of year. You just cannot help but become aware of Mother Nature’s decorating skills. Looking for a new color scheme? She has a bounty of wonderful ideas and examples. So let’s go outside and take some notes.

Start with the trees and notice the colors of the leaves. Their greens, golds, rusts and oranges all work well in a natural harmony. Now you can bring those color combinations into your home. Imagine a selection of gold and rust throw pillows on your living room sofa. Or choose 2 of those colors and use them to paint the walls and trim in your rooms. The color coordination you see outside will be the same coordination reflected in your home décor. Also notice that the browns and the grays of the trunks are the neutrals that work with this color scheme. Use those 2 neutrals colors all you want for the backdrop of your new fall color scheme.

Study the textures present this season ranging from smooth to very nubby. Branches and tree trunks are showing off their strong textures. Add some textures inside with sisal rugs. Chenille pillows and soft throws also add interest to your décor.

Your time outside should also yield the makings of a wonderful, natural tabletop arrangement for your home. There are leaves, magnolia seedpods, branches and many more of nature’s treasures out there. Gather an assortment to take home and try your hand at displaying the art of Mother Earth. Be innovative in choosing a container from your shelves at home. Everything from a Mason jar to a wicker basket is fair game.  Be sure to balance any taller parts of your arrangement either by evenly spacing them or concentrating them all to the middle. Use a combination of smooth and textured surfaces in the arrangement for more interest such as pinecones and magnolia leaves together. Inspect your treasures from the outdoors for any freeloading critters that may be hiding in the nooks and crannies. If your arrangement will be a table centerpiece, consider the heights of the elements you use, as you will want your guests to be able to see who is sitting across from them.

The color schemes of nature are jst about ripe for the picking. They are naturally beautiful and coordinated and are all around us. So get out there are find a color scheme to your liking!

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