Oh The Possibilities with Reupholstery!

I am working with a client right now and some of the work involves reupholstering her dining room chair seats. It got me thinking about how just doing that to her dining room set will make such a big difference. You can dress them up, make them more casual or add detail to the final look. Recovering throw pillows, vanity benches, stools and chairs bring them to life again.

One nice thing about the fabrics that I carry for upholstery is that they are rated for light or heavy duty – important to know when making an investment in your furniture. They also rate “double rubs”- which are the amount of times a fabric can be sat on before it wears out. I want you to be in the know and know you are making a wise choice with my upholstery.

8 Responses to “Oh The Possibilities with Reupholstery!”
  1. A lady after my own heart. Who says good interior styling has to cost a fortune. Excellent post.


    • Thanks, Rhonda. By the way,homestaging and redesign is a topic my viewers would like to know more about. I would love to have a you do a guest blog post for me!


      • Hi Linda thanks for the invite it would be a pleasure to guest blog post for you just let me know number of words you require. You have some great posts informative and an enjoyable read too.


      • Great! Thanks, Rhonda for the kind words and being willing to do a guest post.
        There is really no minimum of words for a blog post but 500 would be the maximum number of words. Your profession is very interesting and I think my readers would enjoy learning more about homestaging, what it can do for a homeowner and how to get in the right frame of mind to sell a home.
        Let me know if you have any questions. I can’t wait to read your submission.
        Thank you.


      • Hi Linda just one more question. Is it ok to include a couple of pictures to illustrate? I like to have one at start of post and usually one in the middle. Looking forward to spreading the home staging message and how it can help sell homes.


      • Sure, that would be fine. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got.


      • Hi Linda so sorry to have left it so long but my husband collapsed first week in Oct and we have been coming to terms with his health issues, he is not out of the woods yet but I can now concentrate on work a little more. Do you still want an article on Home Staging?


      • Hi Rhonda,
        Sorry to hear about your husband’s health concerns. I do hope he will continue to feel better!
        Yes I would still love to have an article from you.
        Looking forward to it.
        Take care!


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