Live Your Passion

I know there are many of you out there reading my blogs who have a passion for design and are pretty good at decorating for their family and friends. I knew that I always had the passion. When my mom would get the new Sears catalog, I would study it and was always envious of the pretty bedrooms with matching bedding, curtains and pillows. I loved it!  I also always noticed the design of the homes of the people I used to babysit for. So you get the idea. From a young adult, I have always been involved in the home fashions and designs. If you can identify with my story, I encourage you to follow your gut and start doing interior decorating. It is the best job ever- in my humble opinion!

In my previous position,  I taught many decorators how to run their business, get clients, and establish procedures. I never had considered offering to teach new decorator/designers through my own business. A wise mentor told me that with my strength in that area I should consider teaching skills and talents on design business to those whose businesses need a boost. So I took the leap and now teach the art of creating, designing and building a decorating business.

I would love to chat with you about it and see if it is a good fit for you to change careers to a decorating business or boost your current business. E-mail me at: and get started. There is no obligation, of course. I want to teach you and see you succeed.



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