The Family Room Journey Ends Successfully

Well, it has taken more than 6 months to come to fruition, but I am finally finished with my family room design. Maybe I should say 95% finished because you know as a decorator, I am constantly looking for ways to add any “uniquely beautiful” touches to the room. That will never end.

The draperies are finally up. I had them made floor to ceiling because the window in that room is small and I needed to make it appear larger. The fabric lends itself to the casualness of the room because it is a white linen with tan embroidery. The rods are a washed black in the 2″ size. Darker colors like black help to anchor a room. The finials have a contemporary edge to them to help blend the room. With the texture of the woven shades,it creates a lot of interest at the window and really gives the overall illusion of a much larger space.

The color scheme started with priming and painting the old paneling in a warm yellow. Next were added the sofa, ottoman and chair and a half in a dolphin grey microfiber fabric with white piping. I must sing the praises of the chair and a half. It is my place to curl up and get really comfy or stretch out my legs on the ottoman with plenty of room for my little Pomeranian to join me! It is so wonderfully cozy. I would love all of you to get one of them for yourselves. I used my cobalt blue vase as accent color inspiration. I had throw pillows made in that color with the same white piping as is on the sofa and chair.

For all you do-it-yourselfers, you can try what I did to the lamps. I primed them and then spray painted them in the cobalt blue and added crisp white shades. They are on what are called commode tables that come up to about the height of my chair arms. That follows another principle of mine- to be sure that the lighting you have in the room to read by is high enough and coming over your shoulder. I know a lot of you lean over and put your reading materials down and under the lamp shades on low tables. Reading like that can make my back hurt- and it is not easy when you are involved in finishing that good book!

I am getting my husband primed now to take on redoing the master bathroom- not an easy task at all! I always here the old-‘it’s fine the way it is’ over and over! If I had a nickel for everytime he has said that, I would be rich.

All for now- I am grateful for all my followers and so happy to be bringing this to you. I wish you much success on your decorating journeys. Be sure to get my free design e-book at and please let me know if I can help you along the way. It would be my pleasure.


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