Home Decor Colors You Will Love

The number one question clients ask me is how to use color in their homes and offices. It is such an important element in home design and everyone, including me, want to get it rigjht. My family can tell you the saga of how long it took me to pick the right yellow for my family room.  You know how good you look and feel when you wear your favorite outfit. The right “outfit” for you room can do the same for you. I believe good design is also good for its owner. The colors that you have the most of in your closet are your favorites and should be considered when choosing room colors. It is a great way to start. Another way to choose colors you will love is to start clipping photos of rooms or arrangements that really draw your attention. After a while, review what you have put in this collection and you will see your colors and styles starting to emerge.

Trust your instincts with these two exercises when it comes to knowing your colors and styles. Now go and analyze that closet!.


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