If You Really Want the “Beautifully Unique”

I have just the ticket for you! And you will be  “green” also. Repurpose aged building materials. I guarantee you will have a one-of -a kind look.

I can explain this idea best by example. Over the weekend I visited the New Kent Winery in Virginia. What a delight! Many of the materials used in building the facility and grounds came from another place and time. They are the 3rd owners of much of the brick that dated back to the Civil War era. The variation in colors and textures and mortar lines were very unique. The cobblestones in the pathways came from the streets of Richmond Virginia. Some of the doors and the brass hardware were from the Jefferson Hotel before it was remodeled. The patina of the brass was really pretty. It all combined to create a rare beauty.

You can have  your own “rare beauty” too. Check the Internet and the Yellow Pages for salvage companies in your locality. Many of them allow you to roam through their stash of building materials rescued from demolition sites of old buildings. You never know what will speak to you as you peruse the acres and acres of goodies in the rough.

Think outside the box to repurpose your finds for your home. Maybe that beautiful old door could become a headboard. Unusual old moldings can dress up a formal room in your home. Old pavers can create a garden path. Oh I could go on and on. You get the idea though.

So get started on this leg of your decorating journey. I promise you will enjoy it!


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