Straight from the Expert – Selecting the Right Area Rug

Great post about beautiful, etheral area rugs from Shirley Shivhon the designer and owner of Shivhon Rugs.  I love her designs! She has a wealth of information about how to select a rug and buying from fair trade vendors. She explains:

Area rugs can make a beautiful contribution to any room and they are often the first thing that catches the eye as you walk into the room. In view of that, doesn’t it make sense to select the right area rug for each room of your home. Of course, area rugs come in almost every size, shape and color combination imaginable, but a lot will depend on what the intended use is for the rug and the budget that you have to work with.

Hands made rugs are considered to be of high quality and able to stand up to constant use and heavy wear. In fact, for most people hand woven rugs can be the best solution all around as they offer solid and durable construction and wide choice of styles and patterns at affordable prices. If the rug will be used in a room that is not decorated with fine furniture and accessories, why spend the money for the most expensive rug to put on the floor? On the other hand, if your room is filled with very high quality furnishings, why would you want to put down an area rug that does not fit with it’s surroundings?

Hand woven area rugs are still considered the best available area rug product and they possess a look and feel that is superior to all machine made rugs. You will find that our handmade rugs use the highest quality Tibetan wool for construction simply because it lasts much longer and stand up to heavier amounts of traffic than most other fibers. Tibetan wool also gets softer the more you walk on it. So pay attention to the material used to make the rug.

The weaving process of a hand made rug can be important too as the more densely the knots are placed together the higher quality of the rug. This is referred to as knots per square inch and our hand made rugs boast a weave density of 100 knots per square inch.

Of course, such high quality hand made area rugs can be expensive, but if used in the correct surroundings and treated as a piece of fine furniture that is cared for properly, they will last for many years and look incredibly beautiful while doing so. So when you choose an area rug, first determine where it will go and try to match the decor of that room as much as possible, then choose the level of quality that will match your budget, and you will be able to make a wise choice.

Shirley Shivhon is the founder of SHIVHON carpets and is an NCIDQ certified interior designer with over 17 years of experience in luxury residential design. Her rug designs have been featured in national magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Interior Design, Boutique Design, Jetsetter, and Ocean Home.

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