5 Must Have Design Inspirations

As many of you know, I firmly believe that good home decor has a positive influence on your psyche, feelings of well-being and creates that sense of “aaah” in your life. I have been in contact with Beth Baker of Deserving Decor up in Pennsylvania. She and her crew do some marvelous makeovers for the women’s shelters in her community. My hat is off to them and their efforts in creating a warm and safe environment for those women needing a hand up and a fresh start. She had asked me to do a guest blog on easy, and quick design tips that she could apply in her work with these shelters. I have listed my “Top 5” here for you. Hope they inspire you to create the decor your want for your home!

Everybody loves to spruce their surroundings up with things that are cool, on- the- cheap and easy to do.  Let your imaginations go wild and have a fun time with these great do-it-yourself projects!

  1. Freshen up that damaged tabletop. Get a few self-stick tiles, cut them to size and stick-em!. They come in a wonderful variety and the tiles are durable enough to set a drink on it!
  2. Scour flea markets and yard sales for pieces of wood furniture. The finish is not important. A good coat of paint will make it a fresh, new piece for you.
  3. Furnish your living room with a variety of chairs rather than a sofa for flexibility and ease of conversation.
  4. In the laundry room, paint a cheery color on one wall and install an out-of -the-way rod for hanging clothing. It is guaranteed to lighten the drudgery of laundry day!
  5. Frame some of your pictures with mirrored frames. It will add sparkle and light  to your inside surroundings.




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