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BlogTalkRadio Discussion for the Summer-Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW AND LEARN HOW YOU CAN MAKE THE OUTDOORS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.blogtalkradio.com/decorate-your-castle/2013/03/13/decorate-your-castle-danver-stainless-outdoor-kitchens Summer is here! Are you looking to enhance your fun outdoors? Have you ever given thought to an outdoor kitchen and not sure what to look for and what you need. Mitch Slater, President of Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchens, a … Continue reading

Arts and Crafts

BlogTalkRadio Recap-Enjoyable Outdoor Furniture that lasts

TO LISTEN CLICK ON THIS LINK http://www.blogtalkradio.com/decorate-your-castle/2013/06/19/decorate-your-castle-enjoy-your-outdoor-furniture Here is your ticket to a comfortable, carefree outdoor living space that you can enjoy for years to come. Summer Classics is a premier outdoor furniture manufacturer of high quality resin wicker, cast aluminum, wrought aluminum, teak, and wrought iron patio furniture, with outdoor cushions from an exclusive … Continue reading


Picking Colors for your Home-Fireside Chat Part 1

The number one question I get asked is about how to pick colors for the home. Here is an easy way to go about that. You can get started right now!

A Fresh New Valance Design

I designed this valance to be unique and simple at the same time to compliment this black and white wallpaper pattern. It adds just “enough” to the d├ęcor and is just “enough” to stand on its own. To get this valance exactly the way I wanted it, I did something a little different. I used … Continue reading

Linda Hunt

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating

Stop Procrastinating and Start Decorating Are you in a state of overwhelm and not knowing how to start your home decorating? Do you just keep putting it off? I have seen it all and am here to say you do not have to be stuck anymore. I have the way to help you get started. … Continue reading

Decorating tools and materials

Solve Your Color Dilemmas

Are you stuck on choosing the colors for your projects? I find that this is one of the biggest issues my clients have and it is so important! So, I have a really special offer to help you out here. For $44.00/room We will do an online evaluation of your room photos, room function and … Continue reading

Decorate Your Castle-Dispelling the Myth of Motorized Window Treatments

CLICK ON THE LINK AND TUNE IN WEDNESDAY JUNE 17TH @7PM EST AND JOIN IN ON THE DISCUSSION WITH THE DECORATOR, LINDA. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/decorate-your-castle/2014/06/18/decorate-your-castle-dispelling-the-myth-of-motorized-window-treatments Ever have a hard time opening and closing a shade or window treatment? Ever struggle with reaching a window that was too high or too far out of reach? Well now those … Continue reading


Healthy Downsizing – A Positive Life Change for You

Downsizing is another one of life’s happy transitions, such as getting married and graduating college, and should be celebrated as such. I love helping people with the “outside” of downsizing-design-with beauty, safety and comfort so they can live the life they want on their own terms.


Archived Blog Talk Radio Decorate Your Castle – Low Cost & No Cost Decorating Ideas

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/decorate-your-castle/2012/09/05/decorate-your-castle–low-cost-no-cost-decorating-ideas THIS SHOW WILL GIVE YOU SOME IDEAS FOR CHANGING YOUR DECOR! We will talk about some very good ideas that are either free or very low-cost for decorating your home. Get a new freshened look for your home. Learn how to decorate with out budget strain on your wallet from me. Fall in love … Continue reading


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